Satur has been doing organizations, media and promotion services aiming to increase the health tourism potential of Turkey. With it’s accredited HealthcareTour brand, Satur is serving as an A class tourism agency and operating the website and regularly publishing the Turkey Health Guide Book.

Satur, with it’s many successful organizations accomplished so far is doing all tourism services of the company group it belongs to while also working with other companies independently serving as a tourism and organization agency


Ajansfa has successfully been accomplishing events, communication projects, desktop publishing works, creative solutions, production services and organizations for over 10 years in many different fields like health, traffic, safety, information technologies and becoming the trusted partner of many diverse firms and companies internationally.

Taking specialization and details as our business keys, we add great value to any project and event we touch through our creative solutions and innovative ideas.

C6 Newmedia

C6 has been serving as new media advertisement and events agency with it’s unique and effective ideas. Our new media agency has wide range of services as consultancy, commercial campaigns, event management, production, strategic planning, visual and communication design, web design and social media.